Your Garden In February

If the weather is mild, perennial plants can be divided and the outer, parts replanted into freshly prepared soil. It could be a good time to dig up and 

reposition any shrubs or perennials that are overcrowded. Now that plants have died, before new shoots appear, apply a fairly thick mulch around 

perennial plants, trees and shrubs, but be careful not to cover any bulbs that may be in flower. 

To prepare vacant plots for Spring, cover the soil with compost or manure, and then as spring approaches lightly fork it in. If early sowings are going to be made, warm the soil up by using a single layer of polythene or fleece. This will then encourage germination and establishment. 

Ventilate your greenhouse and cold frame on warm days but remember to close them at night. 

Pots and seed trays from last year should be thoroughly cleaned and steri-lised 

Make sure the gutters on your greenhouse are clear of leaves and debris, and keep the glass washed to allow maximum light in 

And if it’s not mild, sit by the fire and look through the seed catalogues