What Is The Mothers’ Union? 

Being a parent is both a joy and a challenge. It is a very important role, but one for which we have little preparation. 

Mothers’ Union members play a part, through prayer and action, in supporting family life in their local community and throughout the world. We share the good news of the Gospel and enjoy fun and fellowship. Our work varies across the diocese – wherever there is need. 

We support our clergy in their ministry and mission 

MU members are involved in all church roles, lay ministry, reading, leading interces-sions, serving, acting as vergers, parish administration etc 

We pray for all ministry for children and young people, and where possible take an active role. This may involve Sunday School, Tiny Tots services, Messy Church, Open the book. 

Branches usually meet monthly and always involve a service or act of worship 

We run additional services e.g. Lady Day, Mary Sumner Day 

Pastoral support for MU members and others in the church 

Baptism support 

Sewing and knitting, preferably for local needs 

Continuing help at the Daylight centre, Wellingborough which MU set up 

We have a diocesan prayer chain 

We are involved in local Foodbanks. 

Away from it all holidays and days out for families 

The lunch club in Kettering provides meals and activities for poorer children during the holidays 

Christmas cards for prisoners in Peterborough 

Fundraising; 10p on Tuesdays and other fun events. We raise about 10k per year to support diocesan work and our worldwide role. We also help with church fundraising 


16 Days of Activism Against worldwide Gender-Based Violence 

Awareness of moderrn Day slavery 

We welcome new members. Find out more…https://www.mothersunion.org/diocese/peterborough