St Stephen’s Church, Carlby – March 2023


No flowers (Lent) – Cleaner Clare Ferguson

I hope you have all been well enough to get out into those longer days to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful aconites and snowdrops in our gardens and church yard. We are fortunate that church services can continue with the help of visiting priests so everyone is always welcome, and bring the family too, especially to Jam Club and All Age Service.

We would appreciate it if you could pray for your church in this time of change due to the retirement of Rev. Jo. There is a great deal of responsibility in selecting and appointing a new minister in addition to the ongoing Waterloo project which will be happening soon.

Carlby Safari Supper – Saturday 4th March 7pm starting at the Village Hall. (You can deliver your pudding then)

Most Tickets, £17 each including welcome drink, are sold but there may be some drop out so please contact Rosie tel: 01778 590238 email or Pauline tel: 01778 590141 email

TALK ON Friday 24th March 7.30pm in Church LIFE IN THE WEST HIGHLANDS” by Fiona Ogg

Thank you to all those who have generously donated food in the SHARING BOX in the church porch. Tell everyone we want to reach out to all in the village, there is plenty of food for you and your families so please use it.
We are now able to keep the church open all Sunday.


5th March 10.30 in Village Hall JAM CLUB
Morning Prayer 8 am and church will be open all day
12th March 10.30am All age Family Service
19th March 10.30 Benefice communion Service at Essendine 26th March 10.30 All age Family Service Carlby

Hosts keep calm! And others bring puddings, it is for a

good cause .

Friday 24th March LIFE IN THE WEST HIGHLANDS “ Talk by Fiona Ogg £5 adults, children free as are nibbles and soft drinks, from Pauline, details above

Saturday 25th March CHURCH CLEAN UP 10am. All are welcome to prune, dig, spread snowdrops, clear leaves etc or spring clean inside church. Accompanied children very welcome, refreshments provided, join the fun and chat whilst you work.