St Stephen’s Church, Carlby – Mar 2021

This month we will continue sharing services on Zoom with the two other churches and you can be sent a link just before the service starts. Rosie Nelson has compiled a contact list for these . If you would like to be included please contact her on . There is no limit on numbers. We are very fortunate to have church wardens who have stepped in with their super IT skills to enable this to happen. However, we are even more blessed to have Rev Jo who delivers such beau-tiful services using Zoom and YouTube. 

A few members of the congregation have put themselves forward to lead the Zoom All Age Family Service on the second Sunday of the month. This is an informal service and will be a collaborative team effort where we utilise everyone’s skills to make it all work. No public singing is allowed at present but there is no reason why you can’t sing along with us (on mute.) We have found some great songs. ZOOM JAM continues on 1st Sunday of the month. 

Some of you may have seen scaffolding around the north roof of the church as we have found it necessary to have this section of the roof renewed. Fortunately we have enough money in reserves for this repair but it may mean we will be short when we do eventually get permission to have the water and toilet installed. So watch this space. 

The Alpha course continues every Tuesday evening, on zoom. 


Lots of people are exercising around the village come rain or shine. I hope you will agree with me that as we look more closely at our environment the more we see. As we connect more closely with nature the more we appreciate and for some, it strengthens our faith in God the creator. 


• Images of the church and churchyard, inside or outside. 

• Images of Carlby village, its landscape, buildings, gardens, wildlife, family and pets. 

To enter you need to have some connection with Carlby. 

Adults category over 18, Children 14 – 17 and 0-13 years old. Exhibition online or in St Stephen’s Church 

Last entry date 31st May. 

Enjoy looking and clicking, get all the family going.