St Stephen’s Church, Carlby – Jan 2022


CHURCH FLOWERS 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th Mrs R. Nelson 



20th December Funeral of Gordon Templeman, followed by burial in the churchyard 

We wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We hope and pray that covid will not spoil the year and that vaccinations as well as prayer will help us overcome the virus. We pray for all those who are sick, in hospital or awaiting treat-ment or operations and for those who do the caring. Let’s hope school children and students get off to a good start this year. 

The Carlby Winter Fair, Carol Service, Christmas Day service and Nativity Trail were great ways to celebrate Christmas; what a wonderful stable Hugh and Jam club created on the green. Thank you to everyone who helped to make them a success. 

We thank everyone who has helped in all the activities in St.Stephen’s Church last year, I know many have enjoyed the involvement and realised skills they didn’t know they had. We are a small community and are always grateful when new people volunteer or just come and support ,please keep on doing so this year. 

Carlby services 

2nd January at 8.00am Holy Communion Carlby 

9th January at 10.30am All age Family Service 

16th January at 10.30 Benefice All Age Communion 

23rd January at 10.30 am Holy Communion for the Week of Prayer for Christian 

Unity: Preacher Revd William Booker, Ryhall Methodist Church 

30th January at 10.30 Benefice All Age Communion at Ryhall 

(See page 16 for a complete list of services in the Benefice) 

This may be the year we get the water connection and an inside toilet. However, we are at the mercy of the church planners so we wait and pray for the go ahead. 

CALENDARS are long kitchen style and feature the favourite photos from the village competition. Please contact to see if any are left. If so they will be reduced to £4.