St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, Essendine – Feb 2021

Greetings from St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Essendine. 

I am very sorry to report that the church and churchyard were flooded on Christmas Eve 

following 50mm of rainwater in one day. What an ending to a dreadful year. Many thanks to Andy Beamish, Richard and Charles Parkinson for battling against the flood water to try and save the church. 

Thankfully the water levels soon dropped and we are left with a layer of sludge. As I write we are in the process of sanitizing and drying out the church. 

Thank you to all the volunteers who have offered to clean and put the church back into working order. I look forward to being able to give the go-ahead to start moving forward soon. 

I hope you are all well and managing to stay warm. I am pleased to report a number of parishioners have already received the covid 19 vaccine, which is great news. I look forward to welcoming you all back to church when it is safe to do so. I’m sure we are all looking forward to the coming of Spring. It’s a pleasure to see some Spring bulbs already peeping through. 

Please keep warm and be careful in this cold weather and look out for your friends and neighbours. 

To all those who are ill at home or in hospital our thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Due to the flooding, there will be no services at Essendine this month. 

With best wishes 

Katy Parkinson