St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, Essendine – Apr 2021

Greetings from St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Essendine. 

I hope you are all keeping well and at last enjoying some beautiful Spring weather. As I write, the sun is shining and Spring has arrived in the garden. 

It is great to hear that the covid vaccinations are going so incredibly well, what an amazing triumph for the world scientists and all the amazing staff overseeing such a task. It is very comforting to hear so many parishioners have had their doses. What great news that the children are finally back at school. We wish them all well. 

On the farm the crops are growing in the warmer weather; it is a wonderful sight to see all the fields, hedges and trees greening up. It is so lovely to see the new Spring lambs enjoying the sunshine. 

During this month, we enjoy the Celebration of Easter which falls on Sunday 7th April. I hope you all have a happy Easter weekend. 

To all those who are ill at home or in hospital our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. 

We look forward to warmly welcoming you back to Essendine Church as soon as we can. The water levels have dropped in the moat and the church is gradually drying out inside. To those who have enjoyed the quiet sanctuary of our churchyard during the last year, we can’t wait to welcome you inside our beautiful church. 

Church services in Essendine will resume from Sunday April 25th—please see page 16 for full list of services. 

May I wish you all a blessed and joyful Easter 

Katy Parkinson