St. John’s Restoration & Renewal Plan Update – Oct 2021

Wonderful news! Rutland County Council has approved St. John’s Planning Application (subject to several reasonable conditions) to replace the worn-out lead roof with a new one in terne-coated stainless steel. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported this long process. Planning Approval is a vital step to preserve the integrity of the building and to secure its future for generations to come. 

Thanks to all those who bought tickets for the PCC lottery for a chance to win an original painting of the church in spring by Ketton artist Josette Carroll. Congratulations to Richard Brennan who had the winning ticket drawn on 5th September. Many thanks to Josette for kindly painting and donating the picture, to raise funds for the Restoration & Renewal project. 

It’s a year since the first volunteer day to reclaim and restore St. John’s churchyard into a beautiful spot for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to the Churchyard Champion volunteers who have continued to meet monthly over most months since to care for the new and improved flowerbeds, wildlife area and tree management, transforming it from a dark, overgrown site full of ivy and brambles to a paradise for bees and other pollinators. Thanks to the children at Ryhall CE Academy for their excellent work making a huge bug hotel in the back corner, helping to encourage biodiversity. In addition to the stag beetle, other endangered species on site recently identified in a bat survey include the Brown long-eared, the common pipistrelle, the soprano pipistrelle, Natterer’s bat, Daubenton’s bat and Brandt’s Bat. And finally, thanks to the volunteers who ran wildlife surveys in spring and autumn, identifying over 50 species of flora and fauna on site. The next volunteer workday is October 16th, 10-12pm. All very welcome. 

If you have any fundraising ideas, please contact Sandra on, Tel: 07554-740370. Thanks