St. John’s Restoration & Renewal Plan Update – April 2022

Building work to replace the church roof was due to start on Feb 28th but at very short notice, we were informed that our furry bat friends are likely to be roosting 

inside the church and another survey will be needed. The survey will take place in the first week of May 2022 and we hope to start the roof replacement in the first week of June 2022. The work is expected to last 12-13 weeks. In the meantime, groundworks will start w/c 11 April 2022 to address blocked drains either sid 

e of the south porch which will protect the building from water damage. They are expected to last two weeks. We are delighted that work will start shortly and thank everyone who has helped to get us to this point along our 2 year journey. 

Please be careful if you are walking through the churchyard while building work is underway to avoid any accidents. Please also take care if you are using the site entrance from New Road, near the northwest of the church, as the wall has 

recently collapsed and is unstable. Rutland County Council, who are responsible for the upkeep and repairs of the wall, have been informed . 

We are very grateful to have received a grant for £1,000 towards the cost of 

re-laying the churchyard paths. Unfortunately, with stiff increases in the price of materials and some additional unexpected costs (our furry friends again), the funds raised for the estimated cost of the roof replacement has a shortfall of £9,500. If you feel you could donate to help fill this gap, it would be greatly 

appreciated. Contact Rev Jo at 

We are in desperate need of a Treasurer as, after 22 years’ service, John 

Saunders, is retiring from the role. We are very grateful and give thanks for John’s service on the church PCC and his support and guidance on the Restoration & Renewal campaign and fete finances. If anyone feels they could help in this 

capacity, even if it’s just for 2022 while we have a major building project under-way, then we would greatly appreciate hearing from them. Contact Rev Jo for more details. Thank you.