St John’s Church, Ryhall – May 2021


1st Prize £111-00 – number 07 – Janet Grey. 2nd Prize £55-50- number 09 – Cyril Dolby. 3rd Prize £18-50 – number 65 – Mr. I. Vannocci. Join the 50Plus Club TODAY for just £5-00 a month. This gives you a chance of winning one of our monthly prizes and at the same time help the Parish Church. Contact John Finden for details on 01780 763603. 

From the Registers 

The funeral of Mark Douglas -‘Dougie’ – took place at Peterborough Crematorium on April 8th 

May he rest in peace 


What a lovely send off you all gave us to finish my walk on 27th March – Jordane was as delighted as I was. Thank you so much to everyone who came came along. We were so lucky with the weather too. 

I had been walking on and off for 18 weeks and through the generosity of you all, the final total was £4641 – a wonderful result – I never, ever imagined it would reach that amount. 

It was a fun thing to do and to get another slot on East Midlands Today was another bonus – I hope you all saw it. 

Needless to say we still need much more money so watch out for more fund raisers to support – better still can you suggest any fund raising ideas. 

Thank you again to everyone and especially to my granddaughter, Jordane – she is a treasure. (She certainly is …Ed) 

Also congratulations to the people who have put lovely displays on the Chapel 

railings. Look forward to when you open Betty Edwards.