St. John’s Church, Ryhall Lottery – June 2021

St. John’s Church, Ryhall Lottery, Reg. No. 101170: How the lottery works 

Lottery prize – There is one prize which is the painting depicted here, kindly donated by 

Ketton artist Josette Carroll, titled, ‘St John’s Church in the Spring, Ryhall’. 

The painting will be mounted but unframed when received by the winner of the lottery to be drawn on 5th September 2021. 

More of Josette’s work can be viewed at her website or on her Facebook page at 

How to buy a ticket – Tickets are £5 each and can be paid for by bank transfer, cash or cheque. You will be emailed your lottery ticket number once payment is confirmed. All queries to Sandra Chapman at or to Rev. Jo Saunders at 

Number selection – Each buyer can select any free number between 1 and 100 or it can be assigned for them if they prefer. Sandra will keep a record of who is assigned each number and which numbers remain free 

Receipt of payment and ticket – once the money for a ticket has been confirmed by John Saunders (Treasurer) as received in the church bank account, Sandra will email or write to each buyer confirming the number of their ticket(s), that they have paid, a description of the prize, the name and address of promoter (i.e. Sandra), the lottery licence number and the date of prize number selection. 

Winning ticket selection – on 5th September 2021, Sandra will run a random number generation programme to select the winning number, witnessed by at least one other person. 

Postage – UK postage of the painting to the winning ticket holder will be included if it is to a UK address. Winners with a delivery address