St John’s Church, Ryhall Dec 2022

Winners of the NOVEMBER 50+ Draw 

1st Prize £100-50 – number 55 – Eileen Morgan. 2nd Prize £50-25 – number 67 – Shaun Rolfe. 3rd Prize £16-75 – number 26 Anita Altham. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my retirement gift from Ryhall. It was totally unexpected and I am very grateful. 


Miss Watson writes…On November 13th, Ryhall CE Academy was well represented as we joined the many members of the village and parish in an act of remembrance at St. John’s Church. Members of the Ethos Council had been invited to attend, and we were delighted to see other children, not all of whom are in the photo, also there with the Rainbows and Brownies or their families. We were joined by lots of parents, and Miss Cummings was helping the visiting vicar to lead the service. 

Two members of the Ethos Council presented the school wreath and placed it near the War Memorial in church. They had made cards at home to remember relatives who lost their lives in conflict. Thank you to all the children and their parents for making time on behalf of the whole school community, to show respect for those that fought, or are still fighting, for our freedom, for justice and for peace. 

During the talk we remembered the ongoing war in Ukraine and all who have died there. We will continue to pray for an end to war there, and pray for those who are defending the liberty of its people.