Ryhall Parish Council – Oct 2021

Dave Amies – Chairman – The Post Office , Ryhall 

Adrian Gombault – Vice Chairman – Elm Tree Cottage, Belmesthorpe 

David Wilby – County Councillor – Orchard House Essendine Road, Ryhall Stamford PE9 4HE dwilby@rutland.gov.uk 

Richard Coleman – County Councillor – 5 Plover Road, Essendine Stamford PE94UR RColeman@rutland.gov.uk 

CLERK : Caroline Adams 1, The Paddocks, Carlby , Stamford Lincs PE9 4NH 01778 590671 caroline@ryhallparishcouncil.co.uk 

Website www.ryhallparishcouncil.co.uk 

The full draft Minutes of the last meeting will be on the Noticeboards and Website. 

Public Time: Ms Glover, parishioner representing the PC on the Climate Change Forum, reported on the Rutland Climate Change Action Network of 24/08/21. Agenda and email outcome of this has been circulated to Councillors. The meeting covered Big Green Week (18– 26 Sept) and collecting content for the new Rutland Climate Action website. Group objectives are to establish how RCC can offer support to industry & homeowners for insulation and solar panels. They commit to comply with eco-friendly homes initiatives for new builds. Under agricultural and food initiatives there are plans to support local companies, promote local food and produce and reduce waste. At this stage it is early formulation to consolidate and produce polices and points of principle which will be fed to local PCs. Focusing on reduction of green-house gases, Ms Glover is leading on tree planting initiatives and highlighted an initial site meeting with the RCC Forestry Officer to establish an area along A6121 for tree planting. This would reduce pollution by planting hornbeams and remind drivers they are within a rural village. Comment noted about trees on a main road but with careful planting in conjunction with highways recommendations new trees would not cause a visibility issue. The initial area was identified as between Coppice Road & New Road junctions. Ms Glover also highlighted the wildlife verge policy and is seeking to locate any areas of County highways that would be suitable. Agreed that within the village is better than main road areas for promoting a safe space for insects and bees. 

Proposed Library Refurbishment project Cllr Gombault reported that RCC 

Property Dept did not wish to proceed with the PC offer to fund the refurbishment of the exterior of the library before the winter. Whilst appreciative of the offer, they are completing a county wide audit of all the county assets – including Ryhall Library – but this would not be available until 2022. Any future works to RCC properties would have to be equitable and under RCC remit regarding contractors, therefore they cannot make an exception for one parish 

School Travel Ambassador Initiative Following an approach by Ryhall Academy Travel Ambassadors, the PC had submitted another request for a 20mph scheme. (Previous submission10/06/21.) RCC responded offering the PC the opportunity to fund the 20mph scheme. They state that the HTWG would not approve funding it themselves as they maintain vehicles are already driving to this speed limit. Since speeding was a priority in the village questionnaire and after recent requests from the school, it was agreed to proceed with this initiative at a cost of a ballpark figure of £3,570 based on last year’s prices submitted by RCC. This will cover the full 20mph limit within the village from Rutland Way, Church Street, St John’s Close, The Square & Mill Street to the end of the White Bridge. Agreed to seek clarity to Highway’s reply concerning a ‘School Ahead’ sign requested on Church Street leading from The Square. In response to a request for a zebra crossing, RCC stated If one were identified as required as part of the Officer Assessment, it would have to be positioned in a location in accordance with highways standards. Initially, assessing forward visibility, the only suitable position for a zebra crossing would be between Francis Court and Coppice Road. This would be out of the pedestrian desire line for students and therefore would not be used. 

Ownership of Highways Verges The Chairman is now in receipt of the definitive plans of the extent of RCC’s ownership of highways verges, following the need for clarification with regard to bench licences. Land by the Library is council owned, but not designated as highway and Foundry Road grassed area by the river is unregistered. Agreed to seek further information as to land registration of areas with possible view to registering Foundry Road grass as a village green area. Cllr Gresty offered to conduct further research. Noted that Highways had previously refused consent for the PC to erect duck warning signage in this location. 

Highways – RCC currently undertaking a review of all the SID’s and VAS around the county. They will prioritize faulty devices and seek the agreement of RPC to upgrade the existing SID on site, including data recording software to monitor speeds. Agreed unanimously to endorse the proposed replacement. Noted that the other SID on entry from Stamford had been reported as faulty by the PC earlier in the year to RCC and will be included therefore in the first year upgrade. 

Purchase two new benches for replacement on Foundry Road and St Johns Close and obtain relevant licences. These benches recently maintained and identified as requiring replacement. Agreed unanimously to replace with wrought iron and recycled wood effect benches at a cost of £520.94 +VAT including delivery. ( See image on the Noticeboard ) Installation would be an additional cost. 

Pavement Dressings – To update in response to the PC challenge regarding standards of pavement dressings – next agenda 

Progress of White Bridge project – this is proving very complicated ,involving the detailed specifications of Environment Agency for works over a main river. It was agreed there is a need for a site visit from the Environment Agency and further correspondence will be entered into with Rutland County Council. 

Playing Fields: Outline proposal of the revision of the Constitution of Meadows Play-ing Field Management Association had been circulated to all Councillors. Cllr Gresty updated the meeting on the original background of the objectives of the MPFMA charity status limited to sporting provision but noted that now the nature of use has changed to focus on informal leisure and play area facilities. The changed use has resulted in a drop in income from sports clubs and simultaneously increased expenditure due to the new play equipment and outdoor gym maintenance. The current Trustees feel the existing structure of the charity is inappropriate and needs updating so that the PC becomes the sole Trustee. The three existing Trustees would lodge an amended Constitution with the Charity Commission to confirm the new structure, then stand down and be replaced by PC as the sole Trustee. Proposed and agreed that the PC accepts the proposal to revise the Constitution, take on the role of sole Trustee and enter into a formal co-operation agreement with the MPFMA. A draft Constitution and Cooperation Agreement to be resolved by the PC at the next meeting. The Chairman thanked Cllr Gresty for his work and time producing the comprehensive documentation. 

Middle Hedge on the Playing Fields Proposed future works to the main middle hedge is planned for Autumn. Quotes to be obtained including felling of willow directly behind St John’s property fences. Cllr Gresty explained the importance of coppicing the middle hedge or cutting it back dramatically to 1 foot height to encourage re-growth with infill young planting. The trees would remain. This will ensure that this valued hedge will flourish in the future. If nothing is done the hedge will ultimately fail. It was agreed to obtain three quotes for this work which has been budgeted for in this financial year. 

Next PC meeting Monday 11th October 2021 at 7pm at the Bowls Club