Ryhall Parish Council – May 2021

Dave Amies – Chairman – The Post Office , Ryhall 

Adrian Gombault – Vice Chairman – Elm Tree Cottage,Main Street , Belmesthorpe 

David Wilby – County Councillor – Orchard House Essendine Road, Ryhall Stamford PE9 4HE dwilby@rutland.gov.uk 

Richard Coleman – County Councillor – 5 Plover Road, Essendine Stamford PE94UR RColeman@rutland.gov.uk 

CLERK : Caroline Adams 1, The Paddocks, Carlby , Stamford Lincs PE9 4NH 01778 590671 caroline@ryhallparishcouncil.co.uk 

Ryhall Parish Council Website www.ryhallparishcouncil.co.uk 

Extracts from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 March 2021 

BELMESTHORPE WHITE BRIDGE: The Parish Council had requested additional signage relating to narrow bridge RCC state that ‘The existing priority system should be sufficient to alert motorists of the issue of the narrow bridge. Large vehicles including tractors and trailers are entitled to use that road and cross the bridge for access. The placing of additional signage is very unlikely to have much impact. The width of the carriageway over the bridge is sufficiently wide to permit vehicles across, other than those identified as abnormal loads which should be using the strategic network (A6121). RCC ask, if possible, that if anyone were to witness anyone striking the bridge that they take vehicle details and ideally photographs of the incident so that RCC are able to recover any costs for damage. RCC will re-consider putting a width restriction on the road. 

WILDFLOWER AREA planted with bluebell and cowslip plugs and seeded with a variety of wildflowers including yellow rattle, red campion, ox eye daisy, a donated flower bomb. Signage in place to inform residents who have offered favorable comment.

COVID SITUATION A year to the day of the First National Lockdown on 23/3/20 the Chairman requested one minutes reflection which was duly respected by all Councillors. Weekly statistics are still received from Rutland County Council. The Chairman thanked all Councillors for their dedication to the Parish Council during this difficult year. 


Library refurbishment. Cllr Gombault continues to liaise with RCC property dept. to organize a site visit as it is their property. The Parish Council is keen to progress with this project. 

White Bridge- jet wash and re-paint. Cllr Davis outlined the process, stipulated by RCC. The Environment Agency will not permit power jet washing without mitigating measures put in place to manage the waste that will be generated. The EA are likely to insist that the fencing is encapsulated to prevent contamination of the river. This would likely need to be done using scaffolding and sheeting. The Parish Council is likely to require as Bespoke Permit. The Parish Council will need a suitably accredited and insured contractor to work on the highway. RCC can assist with providing suggested contractors from whom they obtained quotes in the past. The Parish Council will need to employ a traffic management company for the closure and diversion. Councillors undertook further discussions about the viability of the costs involved, the aesthetic value of the white bridge,, which is greatly valued as an iconic feature of the village and likely future deterioration over the years if no action were taken. It was agreed to seek the costs/process of the permits in the first instance and the quotes for the works. Noted that the Gwash is a salmonid watercourse so works must take place from 14th March – 1st October only 


Update on Traffic survey : Cllr Rolfe to seek clarification as to when Ryhall and Belmesthorpe might be able to conduct the Speedwatch Campaign this year. Four areas of concern would be targeted, ( Rutland Way, Belmesthorpe Lane to Ryhall, Belmesthopre to the A6121 and Essendine Hill/ Turnpike Road. Cllr Nebel suggested the PC request a 30mph sign painted in the road along Turnpike to remind that this area is still within the 30mph limit. In the interim it was agreed to conduct a footfall and traffic flow survey along Belmesthorpe lane in the summer months 

(1) Resurface issues on the A6121. A report of the overall poor quality of the resurfacing work has been submitted by the Parish Council to RCC on 9/3/21. A follow up site inspection is due by RCC who will then respond to Parish Council comments. 

(2) Following a highways walk, all the recent Potholes were reported on 9/3/21 – including the ongoing one reported on St John’s Close. 

(3) Pavements resurface – following discussion as to the poor quality and viability / longevity of this project it was agreed to write to RCC expressing concerns and seeking redress 

Other Highways issues include previously reported road surface on lower New Road, the edging along the lanes with the huge gaps between the roadway and the verges, some filled by spare asphalt and the excess asphalt dropped in rural lay-bys. 

Blocked Drain and Fix My Street response. Noted that the Fix MY Street system whereby two sets of blocked drains in Belmesthorpe have not been addressed, resulting in rain water continuing to flow over the roadway in wet times. The Foundry Road flood/ blocked drain remains under review. 

Signage (1) Duck signage for Foundry Road. Two quotes had been obtained ahead of any decision about signage. Signs would be to warn oncoming drivers about the ducks’ location as a safety issue. Councillors debated the merits/ drawbacks of sign-age and possible locations. It was agreed to seek the consent of RCC Highways department under the Communities and Local Government Legislation for outdoor advertising and signs 

Update on the Constitution and Tenancy Agreements 

The Chairman reported on the recent zoom meeting with three lead members of the new committee, attended by Cllr Amies, Cllr Bellairs and the Clerk. A revised and updated Constitution has been drawn up. The Allotment Association Self Management document was unchanged . The Tenancy Agreement agreements between the Parish Council and the tenant are reviewed each year before issued, primarily regarding rent increases. Some changes had been agreed with the Association for the 2021/22 issue. No rent increase this year. The Committee will be hosting an AGM in July when Covid restrictions allow. This is to enable the op-portunity all 37 allotment tenancy holders to attend and vote. 

Climate Change and Biodiversity 

· Climate Action Group formed with aim of making Rutland Carbon-neutral by 2050 led by Cllr Lucy Stephenson 

· Aim is to identify all the individual climate groups which are operating across the county and establish a network to promote activities and ideas and share best practice 

· Letter to be sent to all Parishes and other appropriate organisations to create a database and heat map 

· Climate Summit (virtual) planned for 12th May: agreed to decide at the next meeting the PC representation. 

· Climate change and biodiversity and poverty in the County will be the two main priorities for his period of office of David Ward ( High Sheriff Designate) 

· He plans to visit every village in the County in his year of office to discover what villages are doing to deal with climate change and promote biodiversity 

· Awards for the three most impressive villages 

· Free Conference (virtual) on ‘Biodiversity and its Loss’ on 23rd March , to address conflict between biodiversity and development 

· Cllr Smith to attend this conference to represent Ryhall Parish Council 

· Biodiversity: verge management. Five verges in Langham designated to be wildlife corridors and havens . Ryhall Parish Council to consider if we reserve some of our verges for biodiversity, whilst noting that wildflower verges require active management 

The Future Rutland Conversation 1st April – 1st June – Launch by Oliver Hemsley 

• Recognising the impact of the pandemic on changing people’s priorities for life and what they need from where they live 

• The challenges faced by the Council and finding solutions together and wish to understand what the people of Rutland want from their lives 

• Feedback will shape Vision for Rutland to inform future Council and service provider’s strategies and policies 

• Seeking two nominees to join organising committee. Also requests all Parish Councillors to be ambassadors