Ryhall Parish Council – June 2021

Dave Amies – Chairman – The Post Office , Ryhall 

Adrian Gombault – Vice Chairman – Elm Tree Cottage, Belmesthorpe 

David Wilby – County Councillor – Orchard House Essendine Road, Ryhall Stamford PE9 4HE dwilby@rutland.gov.uk 

Richard Coleman – County Councillor – 5 Plover Road, Essendine Stamford PE94UR RColeman@rutland.gov.uk 

CLERK : Caroline Adams 1, The Paddocks, Carlby , Stamford Lincs PE9 4NH 01778 590671 caroline@ryhallparishcouncil.co.uk 

Full draft Minutes of 26th April Meeting will be on Noticeboards and Website. 


We are appealing to volunteers to form a Climate Change Action Group within the parish. Cllr Davis offered to represent the parish at the Virtual Climate Change Sum-mit on 12th May and will report at the June meeting 

If anyone has a specific interest in climate change and environmental issues and would like to lead or join such a group, the Parish Council would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact the Clerk 

This is of significant importance to all of us now, for our family, children and grand-children and for all their children in future years. 

All of us need to start thinking what we can do, no matter how small, to help reduce and eventually stop problems that have been caused to our environment, the places we live and where ever we enjoy our daily lives. 

Extracts from the Minutes of the 26th April 2021 

Street light relocation on Foundry Road. RPC had pressed for the light fitting to be located on the telegraph pole in keeping with others in the conservation area. RCC stated that this was historic and not a process they would move forward with but offered to install a new aluminum pole and offered an alternative of black or dark green in colour. It was agreed to accept the offer of a new lighting column 

Public Time – a member of the public joined the meeting via zoom and declared an interest in planning ref. 2021/0251/MAF – change of use to function venue, camping site and parking at Gwash Valley Farm. The resident outlined the objections and impact on his residence of proposed development. The RPC planning committee has submitted a response to RCC, not objecting provided that there were no objections from immediate neighbours and had included the caveat of being mindful of the possibility of noise pollution for Ryhall residents and trust that would be addressed. COVID UPDATE Lateral flow testing kits available free for collection at the Library on a Thursday. Details on Noticeboards and website. Cllr Wilby reported on local uptake on vaccinations within Rutland. LRALC have issued advice on return to face to face meeting as the legislation regarding virtual meetings expires on 7th May. 

PARISH SURVEY Cllr Rolfe had compiled a list of all comments from the Nov. 

Parish Survey . Of the 133 responses, 86 had made a comment. The full comments list circulated to Councillors. Cllr Gombault presented a paper summarising the com-ments which fell into three bands, Financial, Road Safety and Aesthetic. He noted that financial comments had been taken into account at the time of the precept decision in January. Road safety and aesthetic comments reviewed and noted . 

Restricted Parking- Double yellow lines suggested at the school /library bend, village square and Bridge Street area to prevent obstructive parking. Noted that 

previously RCC highways had discounted yellow lines in a rural area and it was not enforceable. Noted that school are commencing speeding initiative and ‘parking safely’ could possibly be incorporated with children incentivised to promote message. Agreed Cllr Rolfe contact the school with this proposal. 

Traffic calming– Vehicle speeding perceived as problem on A6121, Rutland Way, village centre and Mill Street. These areas and possible solutions discussed with RCC Highways. Cllr Rolfe reported on resurrection of Community Speed Watch later in the year. Agreed to target all areas highlighted. 

Ryhall Library–RCC property department to conduct review of all their properties including Ryhall Library in early summer. This may result in funding / part funding refurbishment of exterior. Noted that the Library was regarded as a valued asset in the survey. Agreed to continue to await their next update. 

White Bridge- one site visit and quotation awaiting. Further quote needed to progress. 

HIGHWAYS ISSUES: Non operational speed indicator devices on A6121 entrances to village are defective and have been reported to RCC. A full assessment of all Rutland’s non operational signs will take place over coming months. 

Site Meeting with Highways officer – 6/4/2. Noted that parishes can suggest which local areas require future action e.g next round of surface dressing, relaying certain pathways or highlighting potential areas affected by speeding for traffic calming measures. Mechanism for reporting is via an Integrated Transport Capital Programme application. Schemes suggested are assessed and graded for priority. Agreed to submit ITCP relating to road surface dressing along Rutland Way through the village and up to New Road with associated traffic calming in the form of a SID with the inclusion of the 20mph zone. Cllr Davis offered to lead on this. 

Road to White Bridge – A6121 – Erosion of the verges, noted that it is the official highways initiative to infill with loose material. The plan is to pull the verge forward overfilling it when all of the road is ready for this action. The section from the white bridge to the A6121 Junction will take priority to protect the new road surface.

Belmesthorpe Highways Update Traffic Calming within village of Belmesthorpe. Cllr Gombault had submitted a comprehensive report on outcomes of the meeting with Highways Recommendations were to request road markings and rumble strips from RCC, revisit gateways with further consultation with RCC and consider installing SID’s at east and west entrances to the village as alternative to gateways; SID’s are the most effective but with a higher capital outlay 

Cobwebbing of the road surface noted and will require eventual patching Footpath Belmesthorpe to the A6121 – unlikely to be given priority status and new wider frequent mowing of the grass verge affords adequate pedestrian passage . No further action from the RPC other than monitor. 

Belmesthorpe Lane – safer pedestrian passage. All options re-examined including problem of installations with the trees, the high bank and badger setts to consider. Conclusion from RCC would be that such a footpath would urbanise the valued green space between the two villages and a white line corridor would not be suitable as this causes confusion to pedestrian and vehicle priority. Recommendation to abandon idea of footpath but submit ITCP to RCC to request road markings, rumble strips, 30mph repeater signs. Depending on the RCC data to consider installations of SID’s at the north and south of the lane or possibly mid way 

Other issues Noted that 30mph sign by bench near river has been removed. Request new sign. 

River bank verge on Foundry Road – RCC state that they do not own this area of verge. Cllr Amies and Cllr Rolfe will discuss the area of verge involved and will revert to RCC for clarification of ownership. 

Drainage issues – following site visit by RCC action will be taken on the drainage/ surface flooding at east and west of Belmesthorpe and Foundry Road by Manor Close. 

Duck Signage– RCC state that to reduce sign clutter they cannot authorise a sign on adopted highways. They can only approve if there is a severe safety issue. To date, three ducks killed by vehicles. As there are duck casualties every year and in view of cars potentially swerving to avoid ducks, agreed to press again for the signage. 

NEXT MEETING will be held after 21st June when all Government restrictions lifted. Face to face meetings have resumed with limited numbers following current Govern-ment Guidelines. Date to be advised.