Ryhall Methodist Church – Nov 2020

Some facts about Methodism…

We are a Church, so yes, we ordain, we baptize, we confirm and we cele- brate the Eucharist

We are non-conformist, but not entirely Free Church;
We aren’t evangelical about teetotalism…we’re about responsible drinking.

All of our Presbyters and any preaching Deacons will have been lay preach- ers (some for some time) before taking Holy Orders and our Deacons are life -long (permanent)

Not all of our congregations are dying away – we just recognise the life, death, resurrection narrative of Christ’s life and we’re willing to make big sac- rifices for the sake of the Gospel;

No, we don’t have Bishops in British Methodism, but we do in other parts of the world

In 1932 all the differing branches of Methodism: the Primitives, the Wesley- ans, and the United Methodists.

We’ll sing a hymn pretty much anywhere.

John Wesley and the founders of Methodism opposed slavery, offered as- sistance to the poor, ministered in prisons, promoted medical treatment and healthy living, fostered education, and criticized violence and war.