Ryhall Methodist Church – May 2021

As Covid regulations relax and days lengthen and warm up, and life open up all around, I hope you are feeling hope for the future after the recent time we have lived through, which could seem pretty bleak at times. 

I am the minister for Ryhall Methodist Church and assistant minister at Stamford Methodist Church, but I also work for the NHS as a chaplain at Peterborough City Hospital, supporting patients, their families, and staff. It has been interesting there through the pandemic, and hard at times, but one thing I love about that job is 

meeting every kind of person – all languages, backgrounds, ages, colours, lifestyles, wealthy, homeless, comfortable, struggling, and with all sorts of conditions. One thing that amazes me is the variety of perspectives on life and its challenges that I meet. 

One lady recently told me that breaking her hip was the best things that’s happened to her after living alone, isolated for a year – talking to no-one except by phone, not being touched by another human being. Coming in to hospital has given company, lots of caring human touch, AND three good meals a day which she doesn’t have to do anything to make. Pain? Yes, she said, but it’s worth it. 

A young woman was brought in by ambulance having broken her leg. “AWESOME”, she said with a huge smile, not having been out of her house with her parents for a year. “Coming in with all those lights flashing, then in E.D. with everything happening just like on telly, and then coming on the ward, seeing all these other people to talk to – this is the best adventure ever – BRILLIANT!” 

Life for many during the pandemic has been very difficult, for some it still is, and for some it can never be the same as before. But we really are a most amazing lot and people keep amazing me as perspectives change and we find ways to adapt and dis-cover new adventures. God is always with us to help us open our hearts and help each other face the future. 

If all goes according to plan, Ryhall Methodist Church hopes to reopen for Sunday worship at 3pm from Sunday May 23rd, which is Pentecost Sunday, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. Our worship then will be led by Maz Roberts. The following Sunday (May 30th) our worship will be led by me (Rev William Booker). 

At present our weekly 10.30 a.m. Sunday on-line services are accessible via: 

Facebook by joining the group ‘Ryhall Methodist Church’ through the Stamford Methodist Circuit website. They remain on You tube (put in the You tube search box “Act of worship for Stamford Methodist Circuit” and the date). 

or on: https://stamfordmethodistchurch.online.church/ 

Access for our daily 7p.m.Evening Prayers is as for Sunday services. 

ALL ARE WELCOME God bless you. 

Rev William Booker