Ryhall Library (Open House) – Jan 2022

Our volunteer team is back in the Library from and including Tuesday 4th January, and every Tuesday and Friday from 2.00 – 4.00 pm thereafter. 

Looking for a new interest to go into the New Year with? Or something you could do to contribute to our lively and supportive community? How about volunteering just one afternoon per month to our Open House team and helping to keep our brilliant local library open for the use of the community? 

All we need is a couple of hours of your time on a day and a date to suit your preference. Just to open and close the building and to oversee the use of the library in between. Always attending in pairs, so there is someone to chat with when there is nothing else to do. And serving occasional hot drinks to any visitors who might like one. Including yourself. 

If you feel you would like to join the team, or have any questions about doing so, please make your name known at the library and someone will contact you. A very happy and hopefully safe new year to all! Adrian Gombault