Rev Jo’s Letter – July 2021

As summer warmth and rain makes our gardens burst into bloom (and the weeds grow even faster) tradi-tional summer events take place. Ryhall Village fete is advertised else-where, with a great range of attrac-tions, including Bowling for a Pig, with a prize which, fortunately for pigs, has been replaced by something less diffi-cult to accommodate. 

Carlby’s photographic competition has been very successful, with such a large number of entries that the deadline was extended. 

Summer weddings begin in July with that of Adam Dale and Charlotte Fenn on 3rd, Charlotte being the latest in a very long line of Fenns to marry at Ryhall. Such is the nature of human existence that we have a me-morial service later that day for Jill Carlisle, whose funeral took place during Lockdown. Jill was a remarka-ble woman and I hope all those who knew her will come and remember her. The following week we have a service of thanksgiving for the birth of Isaac McKenna, at Carlby. This service is not used as often as it ought to be and it is wonderful to give thanks in this way. Isaac’s parents are Jo and Joe and I am Jo, which may lead to some confusion. 

The church also commemorates some interesting characters in July. St Swithun’s day falls on 15th, so bear in mind the old rhyme: 

St. Swithun’s day, if thou dost rain, 

For forty days it will remain: St. Swithun’s day, if thou be fair, For forty days ’twill rain na mair. 

Some years ago, St Medard and St Gildard. Little Bytham was in my care. 

St Medard apparently also dictated the weather. If it rained on June 8th you were in for 40 wet days, which just could overlap with St Swithun, so long wet summers (or long hot ones, of course) could be blamed on these two holy people. 

We commemorate St Mary Magdalene on 22nd, patron saint of our church in Essendine, and one of the witnesses to the Resurrection. She is followed on 25th by St James the apostle, one of those who followed Jesus even to death. 

Amidst so many commemorations (we also remember William 

Wilberforce, Anna and Joachim, Mary, Martha and Lazarus and John Keble) I have been getting to grips with the new system of registration for weddings. Gone are the two registers and certificate which formerly were signed during the service; they have been replaced with a marriage document which is then sent to the registrar. The couple then have to collect their marriage certificate from the Register Office. I had to close all our existing registers and take them to the Registrar, somewhat complicated by the fact that, as two of our churches are in Rutland and one in Lincoln-shire, it involved two different 

Registrars and two different 


With best