News from the Village of Ryhall – June 2021

We aim to be re-open the hall on Monday 21st June 2021, assuming that government guidelines do not alter. 

We can re-open having received guidance from agencies who deal specifically with village halls. A thorough Risk Assessment has been carried out. 

The building has been made Covid-19 safe with several changes, namely, automatic hand sanitisers at entrance/exits, floor markings (for exercise classes to maintain social distancing), signage throughout, a strict one-way system and NHS Track and Trace QR posters. The hall will also always need to be well ventilated during classes. 

As we approach 21st June, it is possible some of these restrictions will no longer apply. However, bearing in mind the current set-up, the hall committee ask organisations and groups who have used the hall in the past to contact us with their plans regarding the hall and when they think their return is likely. This is important as, if possible, we want to provide all former users with their previous bookings days / times. If these are no longer needed we can offer the slots to other clients. 

Hall users are asked to contact the management secretary Anne Virgin by email at to confirm any booking as soon as possible.In the meantime, the committee thank everyone for their patience. 


(first house on the left as you leave Ryhall going to Lt Casterton) 

Steve and Karen Bourne are opening their garden as part of the 

National Garden Scheme on June 20, 2021—10am to 5pm 

Tickets are £5 for adults, children free and can be pre-booked via the NGS website or just come along. The proceeds are for the charities 

supported by NGS. 

Tea and refreshments will be available—proceeds in aid of St John’s church Ryhall. 

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH WEEK runs from June 5th to 11th inclusive when there will be more publicity and fundraising in the area. However, Neighbourhood Watch is a year-round responsibility in which we should remain keen to watch out for our neighbours, our community and ourselves to ensure minimal local crime and social misbehaviour and their effect on our village. 

Much of this criminal activity is done online these days so it is important that we stay up-to-date in cyber crime prevention and management, taking all the advised precautions and avoidance procedures. Please ensure that your elderlies and your very young are made aware so that they too can remain safe. Keep Alert. Think about what you see. 

FLAGPOLE: Monday 17th May saw the flying of the 90th Birthday flag to celebrate Pauline Goff’s special day. Many congratulations for a lovely birthday. 

The flags we currently hold are: Golden Wedding, 60th Wedding, Just Married, It’s a Boy/Girl, Happy Birthday (plain) plus 90th, 70th, 60th, 40th, 21st, 18th, Merry Christmas, New Year, School and Happy Retirement. If we can help you to celebrate a special occasion by flying one of our lovely flags, for a small donation towards the upkeep of the pretty flagpole garden and the purchases of flags, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange for the relevant flag to be flown for you on the day or as near to the day as possible. 

If you would like the Union Flag flown at half mast for the passing of a local resident on the day of their funeral please do contact us and we would be more than happy to do this for you. Contact Val 

Lofthouse 01780 754451; Patti Welby 01780 482915; Maureen Pettener 01780 753930; Sarah Markwell-Cook 07904 190049. 

From Val to the flag team: Hi Ladies, We have received a letter from the D of E. in which they thank us for the very generous donation in memory of His Royal 

Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, for supporting young people and contributing to Prince Philip’s living legacy. 

RYHALL LIBRARY:  Good news for all library users! 

Ryhall Library is now allowing borrowers to browse shelves and choose their own stock, as well as continuing to offer an Order and Collect service. 

Up to two people may visit the main library area at any one time for up to an hour. In addition, up to two people are allowed in the computer area at any one time to work on the devices. 

Hand sanitiser will be provided for visitors to use, and face coverings are required, unless an exception applies. In addition, all sites will be operating Track and Trace requirements, and visitors should register using the phone app where possible. 

The Track and Trace system requires library users to leave their details with the member of staff on the front door, so they can be told, if notified by a member of the public that they have been tested positive for the virus, in which case the library user would be asked to self-isolate for two weeks. This may, of course, change again going forward, and library users should consult the RCC Library Services website for up-to-date information. 

Adrian Gombault