News From The Village Of Essendine – May 2022


The 2022 AGM re-elected Adele Stainsby, Chair, John Saunders, Treasurer and Sue Cunnington, Secretary. Adrian Forsell, Peter Foster and Tom Klimes all continue as committee members. Linda Barker continues as Caretaker. New volunteers are both needed and welcome, as there will be some changes in the management committee in 2023. Please do consider joining us. We are a friendly bunch, always looking for new ideas to run the hall and provide activities. If you are interested, please email Sue Cunnington for more details 


Thank you for the very generous donations dropped off at my house over the past few weeks. I delivered a car load to the collection point in Eye a couple of weeks ago and saw the amazing volunteers there, sorting and loading trucks travelling out to Poland. The priorities currently are dried and tinned food, convenience foods such as instant noodle, rice, soups etc, tinned food, biscuits, chocolate and drinks such as UHT milk and bottled water. Also medical items such as Paracetamol, cough mixture, plasters, antiseptic wipes and cream, Anti-diarrhoea tablets and eye wash. Please continue to donate to me at 6, Glen Crescent, Essendine. Thank you for your continued support. Ukrainian lapel ribbons have raised another £390 which is being used to buy food, water and medical supplies and are still available in Essendine PO at above address. 


To brighten up our gardens, village spaces and lives, let’s plant lots of colourful flower displays in our front gardens this summer, with the theme of red, white and blue flowers. We will run a competition for the best displays (though the judging may have to take place later in the season) so do get planting, to be in with a chance of being a prize winner! Given that the villages stands united with the current terrible situation in the Ukraine, let’s plant sunflowers as we did last year to show our support for their plight. Some seeds are available from me. Last years winner of the tallest sunflower was Sue Smalley with a flower more than 3 metres tall; an amazing height to beat! 

If you have any good ideas for celebrating, do let us know. 


Hosted by our MP Alicia Kearns, was well attended and featured on BBC East Midlands news. Alicia is so passionate about supporting residents’ overwhelming desire to fight this proposal. Updates on the campaign are available on Facebook and the Mallard Pass Action Group website. 

Essendine Parish Council continue to deliver newsletters to update us too. As the campaign progresses we will need volunteers to help. Please contact Adele Stainsby on 07939 132093/01780 751711 or email 

DOG FOULING is again becoming a problem along our footpaths and on the village green. Discarded bags of dog poo are also regularly left abandoned, which is almost worse! Please be responsible and deposit it in the designated dog bins. The black bins around the village for general litter can also be used. It is always a minority of irresponsible dog owners, but it reflects badly on all of us who own dogs and pick up!