News from the Village of Essendine – March 2023

VILLAGE HALL AGM : This will be held on Thursday March 9th at 6.30pm in the village hall.

This year we are hoping to recruit new members for the committee, as two members have resigned due to health issues and moving house!

The committee are keen to try and encourage younger members of the village to join us and hopefully bring in new ideas and activities to the hall. Meetings take place every couple of months as a rule and usually last around an hour. We are really lucky to have such a nice community facility and would like to start new activities. Even if we cannot persuade you to join our committee, please do come along with any ideas you might have.
Further information can be obtained from Sue Cunnington, our Secretary, by emailing

Hope to see you there!

BINGO AT THE VILLAGE HALL:It is hoped to run this fortnightly. The first one held in mid February was really popular and by the time this is published, another one will have taken place. Further details on the village hall website, village Facebook page or by messaging Denise Chick Holland, a villager, who runs the event.

If you live on Bourne Rd. or Stamford Rd. you need to be aware of the latest information regarding the proposed solar ‘farm’, which could directly and adversely affect your property and make it very difficult to sell.
The developers propose seeking compulsory and PERMANENT acquisition rights over land on the A6121 i.e YOUR front gardens and verges in order to install and maintain cabling for the solar farm.

If the project goes ahead there will be years of the road being dug up, possible power outages, damage to sewage and water pipes, and fibre optic cabling, and traffic queuing while seven construction sites are put in place. Heavy loads (up to1000 tons) will access Essendine via the road from Great Casterton daily.

For further information see