News from the Village of Essendine – Mar 2021


As lockdown continues, many may still need help with shopping, prescriptions from pharmacies, getting to appointments and other urgent problems. In particular those who are vulnerable, the elderly, those with illnesses and disabilities and people without means of transport may still need help. If you can help, or if you are in need of help, please contact Adele, details below. 

It continues to be important that we are all good neighbours, being vigilant to check particularly that people living on their own are OK. Please just take a few minutes to offer a friendly word and offer of help to your neighbours. 

Dog fouling is again an issue in the village and villagers are respectfully reminded that they should pick up and bag their dog waste, particularly on the footpaths around the village and verges. I had the unfortunate encounter, out walking, of seeing a child who had stepped in a pile of excrement and had got it all over their trousers; it was extremely unpleasant for the parent. There are dog bins around the village and it doesn’t take two minutes to bin it. Sadly, some bags of excrement have recently been found slung into trees and bushes, which is almost worse than leaving it to decompose naturally! This village belongs to all of us and we all have a right to enjoy it, especially during lockdown, when we cannot travel to other areas, so please, if you own a dog, be responsible and remember it’s your fault, not the dog’s! The flag was flown in early February, at half mast, to commemorate the sad passing of Captain Tom, who was a beacon of hope and inspiration to many of us. It has been replaced by a Thank You NHS and Key Workers flag. We have a number of flags including Happy Birthday, the Rutland flag and the usual Union Jack, Saint George’s flag etc. We are quite happy to fly them for your special events if you let me know. 

Adele Stainsby 

01780 751711 / 07939 132093 / email 

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal which this year was in a different format and did not include door-to-door collections, still raised £110.45 through your generous donations in Essendine Post Office. Thank you to all those who contributed!