News from the Village of Essendine – Feb 2021


The introduction of a third lockdown means there are people in the village who will be unable to go about their normal daily routines. We need to make sure that they are safe and well, so the neighbourhood network has been re-launched with points of contact in all areas of the village. Hopefully volunteers will have been in touch with their individual areas to offer help if required. I am co-ordinating this network and if you have any concerns or need help and are unable to contact your local person, please get in touch with me. We are fortunate that one of our residents works at the Sheepmarket Surgery in Stamford and has kindly offered to collect prescriptions for people who don’t wish to go in and collect them. Denise has a tin at the end of her drive at 9 Dunlin Road into which you can put your prescriptions. Alternatively you can ask your contact person to deliver them to Denise for you. Your medication will then be delivered to you as soon it is as it is ready. Most of you will be aware of who your contact person is and will have had their details through your door during the first lock down . If you have not had these or cannot remember them, please get in touch with me and I can signpost you to your contact. No-one should feel they are unable to get help when they need it. My details are 01780 751711, mobile 07939 132093 or email 

Essendine Post Office will remain open throughout the lockdown as an essential service for residents of Essendine and other nearby villages. Hours of opening are Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. Unlike other post offices in the area there is normally no queue. Masks must be worn at all times in the office. 

Essendine Village Hall will remain closed for the foreseeable future until the lockdown is lifted. The outside area can still be used for recreation and is a safe environment for children to play on their toys and play ball games. Exercising of dogs in the ground is prohibited, however. 

Please donate unwanted laptops! A local project in Helpston is collecting then wiping the data and re-issuing computers to children from homes that do not have any tech-nology with which to learn remotely. I have been in touch with the project and I’m satisfied that it is a wonderful way to use old laptops that you no longer need. Any laptops that you are prepared to donate can be dropped off at 6, Glen Crescent, 

Essendine, and I will ensure they reach the project each week. Currently they are being sent to primary schools in the Helpston area but may also extend into this area if sufficient laptops are donated. When they are no longer required they will be used ther in the schools or donated to projects abroad. Please get in touch with me if you would like further information. 

Adele Stainsby