News from the Village of Essendine – April 2022

Twice recently Anglian Water have had to deal with sewer blockages in Bourne Road. In both cases they were caused by a build up of wipes which had completely blocked the sewer, causing raw sewage to overflow into residents’ gardens. 

Please put all used wipes and cotton wool pads, no matter what their purpose, and even if the label claims they are biodegradable, in the black bin and don’t flush them away. 

Don’t say ‘just one won’t matter’- it does, and your wipe could be the one which finally blocks the sewage pipe. 

ESSENDINE VILLAGE HALL AGM: This will have been held by the time this goes to press. We need to recruit new and younger volunteers to help with the running of the hall. Please get in touch with our Secretary Sue 

Cunnington if you would be interested in joining us. 

PLATINUM JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS, JUNE 2ND—6TH JUNE: Plans need to drawn up shortly if there is to be any kind of village celebration. Please get in touch with Adele Stainsby if you would be willing to help organ-ise events. So far ideas are a Royal Quiz Night, a games afternoon and a village picnic. Some events will happen individually, such as the Big Lunch on the Sunday, where roads host their own party / get- together. A meeting to discuss ideas and plans will hopefully be held in late April / early May. 

PLAY AREA FENCING: This is in a poor state and needs to be replaced to be secure and robust enough to protect children from the dangers of the main road. Grants are available to help us, but we also need to do some fundraising ourselves. Please do get in touch with the Parish Council or Ade-le Stainsby, if you have any good ideas or would be willing to help run a fundraising activity.