News from the Village of Carlby – Sept 2020

CARLBY WALKING GROUP:There will not be a walk in September but changes are afoot. Dave Richardson is taking over from Clare as the group organizer when walks recommence, with possible reduction in the number of walks. Details will be given in due course. Meanwhile Clare would like to thank all those who participated in the walks during her time as coordinator, and will continue to be a member of the group.

PARISH COUNCIL: Minutes of July meeting are on p.25. Date of next meeting is 6th October to be held via a zoom link details of which can be obtained from the Clerk by emailing

VILLAGE HALL HIRE : If you would like to hire the hall (special rates for Carlby vil- lagers) for events please email: with details of when you would like the hall.

CARLBY BOWLS CLUB restarted play in July after the Covid lockdown. It was very different from usual, using disinfectant on all the equipment and only one person set- ting the jack, another placing the mats and another using the bowls scoops. Although only some Members have been playing including in a competition event, nearly all last year’s Members have rejoined to keep the Club going. Rogue grass on the S.W. side of the green has been a major problem and much work is needed in September to repair the damage. The Club owes village Member Nick Ennis a debt of gratitude for his interest in the Club and especially for cutting the grass regularly for the last dec- ade. Other Members have taken over the job at present, but anybody interested in helping would be welcome. Winter indoor bowls in the village hall is on hold for the moment because of Covid, but the decision will be reviewed in November.

CARLBY PLAYING FIELD: We are delighted that the Playing Field is now open again after lockdown and available for residents to use, providing social distancing guidelines are adhered to.

The newly expanded Playing Fields committee continued to meet virtually during lockdown and have been busy improving the facilities, where possible, and are plan- ning more improvements for the future.

So far we have managed to deliver the following:
– Two additional benches for everyone to enjoy (bought with money donated by a cou- ple of villagers)
– A new tennis net (no holes for the ball to jump through!)
– A new basketball net to make sure it is a legitimate goal
– Designated wild areas to encourage plants and wildlife to prosper
By the time you read this article we should have levelled the goal mouths on the foot- ball pitch and be ready to share some more exciting developments planned.
However, we really do want to get your input into the next phase for the Playing Fields communal facility and we are planning on holding a meeting in the village hall, when it re-opens, hopefully in September. We would love as many people to join us as possi- ble.

Details of the meeting will be added to our Facebook page ‘Carlby Playing Field’ along with photos of the work done so far and some updates from Carlby residents. We are also having a ‘tidy up’ of the Playing Field on Sunday 6th September between 10am and midday. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier, and we can make a big difference together in a couple of hours.

We hope you can join us for one or both events.