News from the Village of Carlby – Mar 2021


This will be a Zoom meeting. Cheryl Paterson, who was our secretary but has recently moved to North Yorkshire, will be giving us a talk on the trials of moving house entitled ‘I’m Never Going to Move Again!’ 

If you would like to join the meeting as a guest please email Sarah at and she will send you a link. 

New members are always welcome. Please come and join our nationwide community and find out what the WI could mean to you! 

Hugh Nunn has compiled rainfall statistics which you will find on p. 20 and he writes the following introduction 

You may be interested in looking at the quantity of rain you have enjoyed over the past five years. The figures speak for themselves but there are a number of points worth examining and reflecting on! 

Most recently we have had a very wet October and December with January not far behind. The 4.8 inches of rain in December resulted in our Church at Essendine being flooded. In Spring 2020, whilst we were handling lockdown the sun came out resulting in 15 consecutive dry sunny days in April and after a few showers 23 consecutive dry days in May, a real bonus! 

Our farmers will need no reminding that 2019 was a very difficult year – the wettest of the five here recorded. A very wet October and November made cultivations and seed sowing horribly difficult. 

If you can think back to the summers of 2017 and 2018 you may perhaps recall the hot, dry periods we enjoyed in May, June and July. In 2017 we had consecutive dry days in late May and June and in 2018 no less than 43 con-secutive days of bone dry conditions. Our gardens were gasping..