News from the Village of Carlby – Jan 2021


Although we have not been able to hold our monthly pub nights this year, we would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year and look forward to welcoming you back sometime in 2021! 

Carlby and District WI 

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 9th February at 7.30 p.m 

Sarah Westwood from Buckles Solicitors will be speaking on ‘Wills and Lasting Pow-ers of Attorney’. 

Guests and new members are welcome and as this meeting will be on Zoom, please email Sarah on and she will send you the meeting link. 

NEW YEAR’S DAY WALK WALKERS All are welcome to join the Carlby Village New Year Walk on 1st January, leaving the Village Hall at 2.15 p.m to walk ‘The Es-sendine block’. This is a tradition going back nearly 30 years and it would be shame not to do it this year – as long as we socially-distance! 

Notes from Carlby Parish Council (CPC) meeting 24 November 2020. 

Pete Holland co-opted to fill vacancy on Parish Council vacant seat. Pete is relatively new to the area, works for Anglian Water and is keen to get involved in the local com-munity. 

Report -Cllr Bob Adams: Planning application S20/1759 to go to planning committee. 

Planning Review. Proposal that Officers have more delegated powers being strongly resisted by Cllr Bob Adams and portfolio holders. 

SKDC Finance OK with negative balance but Government assistance makes situa-tion manageable. 

Elizabeth Park is going to be a testing centre by appointment. 

LCC finances n a better placed than District through government funding. Efficiencies and saving will have to be made. No cut on front line services. 

Bus services suffering due to lack of customers etc. some bus companies have re-duced services. Call connect services is being expanded. 

To receive the Budget for 2021/22 with calculation of Precept. 

The precept calculation is estimated to be £9198, an increase of 7.71% for 2021/22 financial year. To resolved at the January meeting. 

Conservation area update –ID been round the village taking pictures and counted about 19 buildings which are pre -20th century and 8 buildings or objects which are listed. All buildings are scattered throughout the village. 

Meetings 2021: Jan 26, Mar 23, May 4-Village Parish, May 25, July 27, Sept 28, Nov , 2022: Jan 25