News from Ryhall and Belmesthorpe – Jan 2022

CLUBBERCISE EXERCISE CLASSES with Sam McGreevy are back at Ryhall village hall. Weds and Fri 9.15-10.00 am. Contact Sam 07887 802621 

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH is an information service provided voluntarily in an effort to make the village residents safer in the home and the community. It is, therefore, very sad that a very small number of people have made this process difficult and unpleasant for one of the volunteers. This should not happen and can cause the village to lose this valuable service. Rules will have to be in place in order to prevent such inconsiderate behaviour and the assistance of more local volunteers would be greatly appreciated. Please consider this suggestion seriously. 

A new year has arrived and new resolutions will be made. Let two of them be 1) a determination to take care of your neighbours and 2) to keep alert to physical and electronic dangers around you. Let us hope that 2022 is a kinder year for everyone. 


Ryhall & Belmesthorpe Parish Council is seeking a new Parish Councillor to fill a vacancy on the Council. 

This is a real opportunity for a resident of the Parish to become involved in and directly influence issues that affect the Parish – both now and for the future, whether you are interested in planning and other developments, ensuring the maintenance of green spaces, maintaining children’s playgrounds or influencing key decisions around traffic, parking and road safety and many other village and parish issue. 

If you would like to be a part of this challenging and important role within the Village, contact our Parish Clerk Sarah Gresty on 07718900848 or for more information.


On Tuesday 23rd November the Union flag was flown at half mast for the funeral of Alan Simmonds. Our thoughts and condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him. May he rest In peace. Thursday 25th November saw the flying of the Union flag at half mast in remembrance of Gemma Russon Batista Da Silva on the day of her funeral. Our thoughts and condolences to her family, friends and all those who knew her. May she rest in peace. On Tuesday 30th November we flew the Scottish flag for St Andrew’s Day and on Wednesday 8th December the Union flag in remembrance of Lilian Plant who served and died for her country and who is buried in the war memorial graves. Thursday 9th December saw the flying of the Union flag in remembrance of Charles Porter who also served and died for his country and who too is buried in the war memorial graves. The Christmas flag will be flown from Friday 17th December followed by our New Year flag to celebrate the Christmas period and welcome in the New Year. We wish everyone a safe, healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year 

Best wishes from the Flag Team. 

The flags we currently hold are:- Golden wedding, 60th wedding, Just Married, It’s a Boy/Girl, Happy Birthday {plain] plus 90th 70th 60th 40th 21st 18th, Merry Christmas, New Year, School and Happy Retirement. 

If we can help you to celebrate a special occasion by flying one of our lovely flags, for a small donation towards the upkeep of the pretty flagpole garden and the purchases of flags, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange for the relevant flag to be flown for you on the day or as near to the day as possible. 

If you would like the Union Flag flown at half mast for the passing of a local resident on the day of their funeral please contact Val Lofthouse 01780 754451; Patti 

Welby 01780 482915; Maureen Pettener 01780 753930; Sarah Markwell-Cook 07904 190049.