News From Our Church School – Jan 2023

We held our Christingle service on Friday 8th December.

Earlier on the day, we all made a Christingle in our classrooms and thought about the symbolism behind each of the parts. Then in worship Reverend Jo made a much bigger Christingle and talked about each part as Year 3 and 4 Ethos councillors helped to bring them up to the front.

Year 5 and 6 Ethos Councillors read from Isaiah chapter 60 and also led the prayers. Everyone joined in singing three songs: He’s Got the Whole World in His hands, Shine, Jesus, Shine! and Silent Night.

At the end we switched off the lights and lit one Christingle from each class. Other children held small LED lights throughout the rest of the school which created a very special moment of awe and wonder. It helped us see what was meant by Jesus being a light in the darkness.

This worship was a beautiful and special end to another busy week.