Neighbourhood Watch – Jan 2021

Cybercrime is now big business, especially as we are doing more and more shopping and business online. 

Many crimes start with the use of your email details. 

Neighbourhood Watch nationally is recommending that everyone should make their email safe by : 

1) Creating a separate password for your email account 

2) Use a Three Random Word password ( eg boatpeelcomb) 

If you have to include a number or symbol, then add them at the end. 

Write it down in a safe place only you know or ask your browser to store it securely for you. 

3) Turn on 2 factor authentication on your device.This will probably require you to provide some other information which only you know. 

You can get further information and step-by-step instructions on the above from 

Do try to encourage your friends and family and neighbours, of course, to join in with these security measures. Apparently we have a 1 in 5 chance of being scammed so it is a common problem! Show them that WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN. 

Your local Neighbourhood Watch wishes you a safe and secure 2021