Neighbourhood Watch – Feb 2023

There is much concern about the increasing Amazon Scams. These are commonly phishing scams where the victim is asked to make a payment or enter personal details.
These may be:

  1. Stating that an Amazon payment detail needs updating
  2. An order needs confirming
  3. The use of Amazon gift card scamming – these can take many forms including a request to pay for an unpaid debt with a gift card or one is given as a reward for completing a survey.

Protect yourself from these by:

  1. Never providing personal data over the phone
  2. Always check the URL (website address)
  3. Do not click on links in suspicious emails
  4. Use different passwords for all your accounts
  5. Use 2FA (two factor authentication) to log into your accounts
  6. Do not pay individuals with a gift card
  7. Do not buy from a third party website
  8. Install good antivirus software