Mallard Pass Action Group (MPAG) – June 2022

If you value your local community and surrounding environment please get involved with the Mallard Pass Solar Farm consultation. After some delay it will begin this month. Even if you gave feedback last time, we need you to give it again. 

Why is this consultation so important? 

It is statutory, which means the Government’s Planning Inspectorate has to take account of public feedback. 

There are no more public consultations. This is the last time to influence the scope of Mallard Pass’s proposal before they submit their application to the Planning Inspectorate. 

The more responses Mallard Pass receives, the more pressure it puts on them to revise their plans, and equally on the Planning Inspectorate to determine if the impact is too big on local communities. 

If the application receives approval down track, it will change the landscape and environment for a minimum of 40 years. 

Don’t be fooled by the glossy marketing brochure. We know: 

They don’t need 2,175 acres to generate their quoted 350MW capacity. 

It will only power 92,000 homes if the solar panels worked at 100%. In reality it would be closer to 10,000 homes, solar is very inefficient. 

There will be no cheap electricity for the community, any excess not used by the East Coast Mainline will be used wherever the National Grid most need it. 

Productive agricultural land will be taken out of use for at least 40 years at a time when food security is becoming a real concern and land available for agriculture is already shrinking at a fast rate. 

The aesthetic reality will look very different to their brochure. Solar Panels up to 3.5m high, with security fencing, CCTV and security lighting – industrialisation of the countryside. 

There will be a huge impact on wildlife corridors and biodiversity habitats. 

Huge battery storage containers will be dotted all over the fields, a strategy to mitigate the fire and toxic fume risk should an incident occur, but a huge contamination risk to the surrounding land and water courses. 

What will MPAG do to help you? 

Ensure you can easily access literature not mailed to you by Mallard Pass. 

Set up village hall Q&A sessions after the main consultation events. 

Distribute leaflets to remind you about consultation events, and help you understand the key arguments, as well as give you guidance on the best way to give feedback. 

Share Alicia Kearns MP paper petition for all Lincs and Rutland residents to sign. 

Provide regular updates on Facebook, and via our website . To make contact email us at