Mallard Pass Action Group (MPAG) – July 2022

Public Consultation 

If you value your local community and surrounding environment please get involved with the Mallard Pass Solar Farm Consultation. It started on 26th May and finishes on 4th August. Even if you gave feedback last December, we need you to give it again because this is the only legal statutory Public Consultation. The scale of this application is unprecedented and everyone should get involved in some way. Taking valuable food producing land out of production for at least 40 years, at a time when our food security is a becoming a concern along with rising prices, is the wrong deci-sion. We are not against solar in any way, we just believe it should be on brownfield sites, on rooftops of all commercial buildings and new residential properties. 

How can you still get involved? 

Attend the only in-person developer event left at Ryhall Village Hall from 12.30 to 4.30pm, Friday 1st July. 

Attend the developer’s Webinar on Tuesday 5th July from 6 to 8pm. A step by step guide on how to log in can be found at 

Attend a Mallard Pass Action Group Q&A – short presentation followed by Q&A to help answer any queries you have and give guidance on your consultation response. 

Monday 4th July 8pm – Uffington Village Hall 

Wednesday 6th July 8pm – Braceborough Village Hall 

Thursday 7th July 8pm – Carlby Village Hall 

Friday 8th July 8pm – Essendine Village Hall 

Saturday 9th July 10am – Greatford Village Hall 

Sunday 10th July 10am – Ryhall Village Hall 

What do you do next? 

Having attended some events, read and listened to all the feedback, write an email to, or post a letter giving your feedback. MPAG will provide more information and guidance in the next leaflet following the village hall events above. There is also information available on our website and regular updates on Facebook. 

Note: please do NOT fill in the Mallard Pass feedback form (online or on paper), email is the only way to copy in your elected MP, Councillors and Mallard Pass 

Action Group. All contact details can be found on our website at 

You can also contact us at at any time if you have a query.