God’s Church for God’s World – The Lambeth Conference 2022

After a two-year postponement I’m looking forward to this summer’s Lambeth Conference when hundreds of Anglican bishops from around the world will gather at Canterbury for prayer, bible study, conversation, fellowship and sharing (July 26th -August 7th). We are hoping to welcome our three link bishops from Korea. During the event, we will discuss various topics, including mission and evangelism, peace and reconcilia-tion, the environment and sustainable development, discipleship and inter faith relations. 

In preparation, over the past year I have been part of two online groups, meeting monthly with bishops from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chad, the Congo, Egypt, India, Ireland, Mauritius, Melanesia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and the West Indies. It’s been wonderful to begin some very rich new friendships and reconnect with old friends. 

The overall theme is “God’s Church for God’s world” and the three major strands, which match the Archbishop of Canterbury’s priorities are; reconciliation (walking together), evangelism (witnessing together) and prayer (listening together). 

In our bible studies we will be reflecting on the First Letter of Peter. I’m very happy to recommend the excellent conference study guide co-written by scholars from around the world (1 Peter Commen-tary edited by Jenn Straw-bridge). Archbishop Justin has called us to pray: “The Conference theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World’, reminds us that we are called upon as Christians to pray for the needs of the world. There are many calls upon our prayers at this time: World peace, the global climate crisis, the ef-fects of the pandemic – to name but a few. I invite you to call all those in your care to pray for the Lambeth Conference. Please pray that as we meet and consid-er our shared mission and ministry, that we may hear the call from God. In turn, that we might add our voices to call oth-ers to make a difference for Christ in the world.” 

There is a really helpful prayer guide for those wanting to support the conference, easily downloadable from the Conference website. 

Pour down upon us, O God, the gifts of your Holy Spirit, that those who prepare for the Lambeth Conference may be filled with wisdom and understanding. May they know at work within them that crea-tive energy and vision which belong to our humanity, made in your image and redeemed by your love, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen 


Bishop Of Brixworth –