Do this in remembrance 

November is a month of remembrance – we remember the saints of old on All Saints Day; our loved ones on the Feast of All Souls; those who have died in war and in defence of our freedom on 

Remembrance Sunday. Remembering isn’t a passive thing – it makes a difference. To remember is to bring past realities into the present and when we do that the present is inevitably changed – we see things differently, we experience the present differently, our lives and our actions are reshaped and we have the opportunity to live differently. 

For Christians that shouldn’t sound odd, because we know that our God is a god of time and eternity, Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. Because of that truth, a long-ago event – the crucifixion and resurrection – become powerful present realities, that can and do transform our lives in the here and now. That profound hope lies at the heart of the Church and is the basis of all Christian living. 

It’s reflected of course in a powerful way in our worship. The Holy Spirit comes to us in worship to make Christ present amongst us. 

In Holy Communion, we especially bring to mind Jesus’ words: “Do this in remembrance of me” and we take bread and wine and wonderfully and mysteriously they become for us the body and blood of Jesus, his presence at the Last Supper made real in the present as we obey his command and as we ‘re-member’ him. There is no more powerful sign of Jesus’ closeness to us. 

November is a month when we are reminded that the distinction between the past and the present is really just the limits of our imagination. In a world in uproar this is a powerful message. God’s love is present to us in the here and now and always – in worship, in the communion of saints, in the eucharist. In such company we truly blessed and have nothing to fear. 

Happy Remembering! 

Chris Dalliston Dean of Peterborough 

Diocese of Peterborough – Magazine Resource – November 2022 

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