Welcome to Gwash & Glen Churches the website of our three Churches

Ryhall and Essendine are in the County of Rutland, while Carlby lies just over the border in Lincolnshire.


Our Priest in Charge

The Revd Jo Saunders has been Priest in Charge here since September 2019. 

Her interests include plants,  churches and cathedrals, literature and history.


We are always delighted when couples choose a church wedding. The law states that to marry in an Anglican church one or both of you must fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Reside in the civil parish
  • Have worshipped in the church where you wish to marry for six months
  • Have a ‘qualifying connection’ for example, you previously lived in the parish, your parents or grandparents lived in the parish or worshipped in the church.

If you are considering a wedding in one of our churches and would like to know more, Contact us to discuss it.

The church of England also offers a service of marriage combined with the Baptism (christening) of the couple’s children. This is increasingly popular.

The Blessing of a Civil Marriage can be arranged as can the renewal of marriage vows no matter how long ago they were made!

Baptisms (Christenings)

Baptisms can take place during a Sunday service, or at another time, usually a Sunday afternoon. To arrange a date and discuss the service and what it will mean for you Contact us

You can also have a service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child. This does not require you to make the promises made at a Baptism, and many parents find this easier. Do  get in touch if you think this might be right for you.


Baptisms Christenings in Rutland


If you have not been confirmed and would like to be, or if your child is of a suitable age (usually from 11 upwards but this can be negotiated) Contact us. This can be held in your local church, or in Peterborough Cathedral on Easter Eve.