Ryhall Parish Council Dec 2022

Dave Amies – Chairman – The Post Office , Ryhall  David Wilby – County Councillor – Orchard House Essendine Road, Ryhall Stamford PE9 4HE dwilby@rutland.gov.uk  CLERK : Sarah Gresty, 077189 […]

Ryhall Methodist Church December 2022

All welcome to all our worship and events. If you’re “just looking”, you are very welcome – just come along or get in touch.  SUNDAY WORSHIP. Services start at 10.30 a.m.  […]

St Stephen’s Church, Carlby Dec 2022

CHURCH CLEANERS AND FLOWER ARRANGERS FOR DECEMBER  CHURCH FLOWERS: Advent 18th & 25th – Christmas Decorators  CHURCH CLEANER: Liz Barton  I am sorry, I forgot to add a correction from […]

Looking Forward

This is my final “parish magazine” letter as your bishop. I’ve been writing such pieces since I became a vicar almost forty years ago, and I’ll miss that joyful task. […]

A Reflection From Ryhall Church 

Hard Times and the Christmas Gift  As I write this message, it is November and difficulties are everywhere we turn. The COP 27 climate summit is in motion; there are […]

St John’s Church, Ryhall Dec 2022

Winners of the NOVEMBER 50+ Draw  1st Prize £100-50 – number 55 – Eileen Morgan. 2nd Prize £50-25 – number 67 – Shaun Rolfe. 3rd Prize £16-75 – number 26 […]

Mallard Pass Action Group Dec 2022

Crunch time – we need your help fundraising!  Mallard Pass’s application should have been submitted by now to the Planning Inspectorate. Once it’s been accepted, it will enter the pre-examination phase in […]

News from the Village of Carlby Dec 2022

CARLBY KOFUKAN KARATE-DO ASSOCIATION  The Carlby Kofukan Karate Club practices an old traditional form of karate in the style of Shito-Ryu. We practice Kata and fighting techniques for gradings and […]